I had the privilege to study Medicine in a reputable university in Malaysia. Having completed my pre-clinical years here, I then transferred to a university in UK for my clinical years. I enjoyed being around people and helping them get better. It was a dream I had since I was a child.

After completing my 4th year in UK I came back for summer holidays and one fine day I met a businessman during an event I attended. I was so amazed by his work and achievements. It was the admiration and inspiration from this individual that led me to change my mind. I wanted to do something interesting. I wanted to go out and create something new to satisfy the needs of people. To add values to the life of people. I took a year off from studies and worked in a company in the marketing field. I enjoyed the experience I had and that is how I decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

It wasn’t the easiest decision and many were not happy with my decision but I am glad I made the call because I can only see myself growing in a positive way professionally and personally now. The knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my years as a medical student have helped me become a better person especially when it comes to communication. I look forward to the journey ahead in achieving my goal to become a successful entrepreneur.

I enjoy travelling around the world with friends because there’s so much to learn about a country, the people, the culture and a lot more. I get to see things from a different perspective, to appreciate things and not to be judgmental.

About Casvin Kaur