Hope Malaysia My Reading Programme and Food Distribution Programme

In 2014 I volunteered for Hope Malaysia’s programmes together with a group of INTI students under our community service subject. The objective of volunteering for the My Reading Programme was to assist children from low income or less fortunate families to learn and appreciate the practical value of English language. The food distribution programme was aimed at providing monthly food necessities for families in need.

I had a sense of self-satisfaction after being able to do a small part to help reduce the societal gap by guiding the kids in their reading and distributing monthly food necessities for the less fortunate families. The variation in society are created by us and it is us who can bring solutions to the existing situation of inequality. I also learned that kindness is priceless, comes and goes free.

We are all here for a purpose and if we are not able to put this into empathy to understand the problems faced by others, their circumstances, to relate to them and to help them then it is a waste. Moral and achievement adds meaning to life, which is equally important as having a good social and financial status. I hope I will have more opportunities in the future to continue to contribute to the society.