Power Talk by Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah (Sunway Group CEO)

I watched the Power Series talk live by The Star TV online that was about Tan Sri’s insight on his business philosophy and the efforts he is taking to make changes in the education system in Malaysia.

As a student I found this talk very inspiring because Tan Sri has gone through tough times especially during the economic crisis in 1997 where he owed many creditors but yet he preserved, stayed calm and managed the situation well. I aspire to be an entrepreneur and this is definitely a lesson for me to keep in mind that I have to be prepared for unprecedented events and stay calm so I can overcome the situation well.

Tan Sri has also mentioned that the three principles he holds to be successful is integrity, humility and his pursuit for excellence. He has stayed true to his principles and that has reflected in his success. I will follow his footsteps by holding on to these principles as I work my way up to become an entrepreneur.

Integrity especially, will give us a good reputation in the market contributing to greater trust from others that will benefit us in getting business deals or loans which in turn contributes to a greater success.