Talk by DIGI HR Manager

This talk was aimed at promoting DIGI CXO Apprentice Programme to final year students. Nevertheless, I found this session beneficial because I got an idea of the work environment and culture in DIGI and it is different from most companies in Malaysia because you are allowed to come in to work as and when you wish as long as you get your work done. Employees can also choose to work form home if they prefer to and there is no dress code.

It was also interesting to know that DIGI encourages the younger generation to share their views in the company because they believe in the capabilities of the young generation to contribute to the company’s success. From my experience speaking to friends, I understand that the management of many companies do not encourage the younger generation to contribute their ideas because they prefer to do things the traditional way.

Things are changing rapidly and it is very important for the management of companies to adapt to the changes, encourage younger generation to contribute and implement the ideas if its deemed practical.